Administrative Law Matters

At Zielke Law Firm we seek to help clients with a broad range of administrative and regulatory issues by providing both guidance and representation. The practice consists of experienced lawyers who handle administrative and regulatory matters before all levels of local, state and federal administrative agencies, as well as before state and federal courts. 

Our experience in this field of law includes legislative services, administrative regulations, public utilities, insurance, energy, natural resources and environmental protection, open records, administrative agencies, and easements. 

Zielke Law Firm seeks to utilize a team legal approach to efficiently and effectively handle clients’ administrative law needs. This philosophy has proven to be highly effective in assisting our clients in navigating an increasingly complex regulatory environment. 

Our attorneys closely follow the impact that changes in the regulatory environment have on our clients in business and industry. They work with local, state, and federal agencies to resolve specific matters that affect our clients, utilizing the necessary procedures to get proper consideration for their matters. These procedures may include negotiation with agency officials, government/business relations, obtaining permits and licenses, problem-solving, representation at agency hearings, litigation before state and federal courts, appeals to the Kentucky Court of Appeals and Kentucky Supreme Court, as well as appeals to the Federal Courts of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court. 

Our goal is to resolve matters for clients through negotiation and at the administrative level. However, matters may inevitably go to hearing before executive agencies with procedures which vary from informal conferences to formal trials. These hearings may, in turn, be appealed to the state or federal appellate courts. 

Effective representation of our clients’ interests encompasses all levels of representation, and our attorneys have an extensive breadth of experience in various jurisdictions. Ultimately, the best measure of our effectiveness has been our clients’ record of achieving positive results with regulatory and administrative law matters, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on business success. 

Where necessary to accomplish business objectives, Zielke Law Firm can also assist clients to obtain changes in the law and in regulations. These changes can be achieved through the lobbying and drafting of proposed legislative and agency rule changes, and through legal advocacy.