Appellate Litigation

Appellate Litigation is an art that requires specialized skills and abilities. Zielke Law Firm’s appellate practice is characterized by a devotion to critical, in-depth analysis of an appeal to develop winning strategies, and commitment to crafting a written product that achieves premium logical and persuasive force. 

Our successful Appellate Litigation practice is the result of a combination of many diverse skills and practices like the careful crafting of oral arguments, in-depth research, the preparation of appellate briefs, petitions for discretionary relief, petitions for mandamus or other relief, as well as trial court briefs. Strong attention to these fundamental aspects of appellate litigation has reflected an ability to persuade appellate courts in favor of our clients’ positions. 

Our strategy for handling appellate matters includes: an emphasis on legal analysis and a thorough approach to persuasive writing, balanced with thoughtful counseling about the available options and whether they mesh with a client’s needs and goals; collaboration with the trial lawyers who first handle a case, whether assisting before trial with dispositive motions and jury charges, during trial with error preservation, or after trial with judgment drafting and appellate matters; cultivating and maintaining an interest in the legal theories, issues, and policies that affect our clients; and encouraging and mentoring practitioners who have a wide range of experience and pursuits, including attorneys who enjoy and have substantive experience in appeals and other proceedings concerning class actions, environmental law, oil, gas, and energy law, employment law, administrative law, and product liability cases. 

The wide variety of our available services allows Zielke Law Firm’s appellate practice to meet your particular needs—whether those needs involve assistance with error preservation, emergency matters before or in the midst of a trial, analysis of your legal and practical positions following trial, prosecution or defense of a full-blown appeal, or any other appellate matter.