Eminent Domain

Drawing from extensive expertise in litigation, real estate and public entity law, Zielke Law Firm handles the full range of matters related to eminent domain powers. 

We have extensive experience representing multiple government agencies in eminent domain actions and related matters, such as property acquisition and disposition. Our experience allows us to help govenmental agencies decide what the best options are to meet real estate needs  

Because eminent domain cases often involve a myriad of critical issues prior to the actual “taking” of property, we spend a considerable amount of time providing clients advice on how the eminent domain process operates. We represent potential condemners and advise as to what procedures they must utilize to properly exercise the condemnation authority. 

Consistent with our firm philosophy, we also represent landowners in eminent domain matters, and in doing so carefully evaluate the proposed condemnation and develop a strategy aimed at obtaining the best result for the client. The is one area where haveing experiece “on both sides of the fence” helps all clients.