Municipal Bond Financing

Zielke Law Firm is a law firm with nationally recognized expertise in municipal bond transactions.

It is important to investors that the opinion of a recognized law firm to the effect that the bonds are validly issued and the interest on the bonds is tax-exempt. 

Zielke Law Firm is experienced with all aspects of structuring and financing enabling our attorney’s to advise the issuer and the underwriter on all aspects of the bond issue. 

Revenue bond financing is an important source of funds for the development of any large scale public works project. Zielke Law Firm offers the services of its “red book” attorneys in the wide range of areas that may become involved in connection with the issuance of bonds. 

Our attorneys have experience dealing and negotiating with issuers, trustees, underwriters and borrowers. Zielke Law Firm has extensive experience in revenue bond financing and general obligation bonds. 

Zielke Law Firm has extensive experience in the municipal finance market. We serve as bond counsel to various state agencies in negotiating the issuance and refinancing of various large projects throughout the State, which have included the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, Kentucky International Convention Center, and The Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District.